William Winram | How To Hack Your Fear & To Do It Anyway
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How To Hack Your Fear & To Do It Anyway


February 5, 2023

In another #BeyondTheBlueScreen episode, this podcast was recorded in December 2021 a few weeks after William broke two new world records.

William was a guest on the Performance Hackers podcast, hosted by Scott Radford, a world-leading Certified High-Performance Coach, Podcast Host, Company Founder & 787 Dreamliner Pilot. Scott is obsessed with helping others to avoid their average by decoding & teaching the actionable habits, strategies and mindset shifts required to reach and maintain success and fulfilment in life. During his time as a commercial pilot at two major Airlines, Scott has been involved with multiple, high stakes emergency situations, including engine failures & deaths on board, and has been in a prominent leadership role since the age of 23.

Performing under pressure, dealing with high levels of chronic stress and optimising his time, energy, and influence to lead successful outcomes in the sky have also been the catalyst for successful ventures on the ground, and he utilises this experience, & that of his world-class podcast guests to elevate others to their best.

In Scott’s own words, his podcasts are “for anyone wanting more… more time & energy… more fulfilment and success. More of the high-performing, purposeful, all-out version of life they know they could and should be living.”

In this episode, co-hosted by former Red Arrows & Fighter pilot Dan Lowes, you will hear William talk about his unique skills which have not only allowed him to dive to depths of 145m (475ft) on a single breath of air, but also swim alongside great white sharks. His love for the sea goes beyond just his impressive feats. William is also dedicated to protecting our oceans and sharing his experiences of mastering his mind and body, including facing and overcoming fear. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear firsthand accounts of facing death and what we can learn from them. Tune in to learn more about mastering your own mind, body, and fear, to live a more limitless, fulfilling life.

TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST, click on the image below:

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