William being interviewed for ABC Nightline

Breath-hold diving allows for a unique perspective of the underwater world and its inhabitants.

Over the years, William has been able to share that perspective with a large audience through several forms of media.

His work has been featured in award-winning written press such as the Los Angeles Times.

He’s been interviewed on National Radio in Canada (CBC), filmed for North American networks (ABC, Discovery Channel Canada), the largest Russian television channel (Channel One) and has appeared in several European programs (ARTE TV – France 3).

William has also been featured in the 5-part series Ocean Quest, where he shared the screen with colleague Fred Buyle, with whom he created Ocean Encounters.

His photos have been published in the 4th edition of Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, the most prestigious coffee table book ever dedicated to the underwater world.

Last but not least, in 2012, he participated to a TEDx event organized by WWF Singapore, shining a new light on sharks and shark behaviour.

You will find references to all these and more through the links above: Radio, Film & Television and Written Press.