Public Speaking

Shark Publicist William Winram speaking at TEDx - © WWF Singapore

William is a sought after public speaker, engaging audiences around the world with his unique and beguiling story telling. ¬†With a lifetime spent exploring the world’s oceans on a single breath of air, he is uniquely positioned to share and to motivate others through these experiences.

A natural-born explorer, he is the first one to have dove the Arch in the Blue Hole of Dahab, without fins (breaststroke style). Diving to a near 60 meters (196 feet) below the surface, facing another 30 meters (98 feet) of swimming at that depth through the naturally-occurring passage and another 60 meters up to return to the surface. On the freediving competitive scene, among his many records and medals he holds two world records: 94 meters of depth (308 feet) which he achieved wearing a pair of fins; and 145 meters of depth (476 feet) using a weighted sled down and swimming on his own power back to the surface. An untiring ocean conservationist, he is one of a handful of men who dive freely with great white sharks, outside of a cage without the use of protective devices.

Winram’s extensive experience as a high level international calibre athlete and the only one still competing who lends his athletic skills directly in aid of the world’s oceans positions him perfectly to address wide audiences (be it the general public, schools, corporate businesses or scientists) on a variety of topics among which are:

    ocean conservation
    shark behaviour
    breath-hold diving
    stress and risk management
    overcoming fear
    team work
    breathing and relaxation

To date William Winram has been invited to speak by the following: