"Alone in the Wild" adventurer Ed Wardle (left) achieved two UK records going deep without fins (55 et 60m) training with coach Winram - © Sebastian Rich

Combining scientific expedition with vacationing - © Fred Buyle

William’s background as an educator goes back several decades.  

At the age of 16, then a nationally-ranked athlete in his own right he began to teach and coach others in the pool sharing his knowledge of competitive swimming.  

After years of studying the Chinese internal martial arts of Tai Chi and Bagua Zhang he was given the Ok to teach Tai Chi and chi gong by his then master Xu Gong Wei.  Teaching these art forms led to teaching people how to breathe properly and he spent many years teaching people how to do so as well as how to improve concentration and health.

He now teaches individual and group courses in freediving, breathing, tai chi, chi gong along with shark behaviour, marine awareness and conservation.

Courses & Coaching

As an AIDA International Instructor Trainer and SSI Instructor Trainer, William Winram offers courses from beginner to Instructor level in Freediving.
He also offers specialty courses that include but are not limited to:

No fins – Constant No fins and Dynamic No fins.
Breathing for health and wellbeing.
Breathing to enhance competitive performance.
Qi gong & Tai Chi

As a coach William has an unprecedented background. A high level age group competitive swimmer and currently high ranked competitive freediver he is no stranger to the riggers of training and preparing to achieve personal bests.

With his understanding of anatomy, physiology and therapeutic exercise coupled with his lifetime in and under the water and more than 25 years studying Chinese martial arts he brings a holistic perspective and approach to his coaching.

He counts on his roster of successful clients those that have exceeded all of their goals and expectations and several who have set national and continental records.

Here is what others have to say about William’s skill as an educator and coach:

…”I think I speak for everyone when I say that the coaching we received from William Winram was a major eye-opener. … Very quickly, William was able to evaluate each participant’s aptitudes and tailored our training accordingly. Probably most importantly, his approach is a holistic one. We looked at all the major components including technique, mental, stretching, breathing, finning, and timing. In a short time, it not only directly translated into largely improved performances in competition, thanks to William’s time and dedication it also gave us all a new sense of purpose, “… Philippe B.


Selected participants may apply to join scientific expeditions, big animal encounters, ocean exploration and awareness trips. Enquire here.