1st AIDA Individual World Championships

Team mates David Maifrini (left) and William Winram (right)

1st AIDA Individual World Championships (Indoor)

Renens (Lausanne), Switzerland, August 24 – 27, 2005

While attending his very first World Championships, Winram also broke his first national record with a distance of 114 meters in the discipline of dynamic apnea without fins (DNF) tying with another freediver for 8th place during the qualifying heats.

Unfortunately, there are no ties allowed in freediving pool disciplines. If two results are the same, the announced performance becomes the determining factor for ranking. Hence, the other freediver had announced a distance which was closer to his actual performance than William Winram who had to take 9th place and be excluded from the final heat.

Despite the disappointment, Winram resorted himself to perform in the opener dives of the DNF finals which took place the same day, setting a new record distance at 116 meters which became his second Pan-American record.