5th AIDA Team World Championship

Few more seconds before Winram claims a new DYN pan-American record with a distance of 174 meters, also the number 10 world rank in 2006 – © Fred Buyle

5th AIDA Team World Freediving Championship

Hurghada, Egypt, December 1 – 11, 2006

Two reasons led William Winram to travel to Hurghada at this time of year. Not only was he there to attend his first world championships by team, he also had a world record attempt planned the day after the championships. Indeed, Winram is attempting to break the world record in the discipline of constant weight without fins (CNF).

Three disciplines were challenged during these championships: constant weight (CWT), static apnea (STA) and dynamic apnea (DYN).

And although Winram was conserving energy for his upcoming world record attempt days later, he managed to break two records: CWT at 84 meters (national record) and DYN at 174 meters (pan-American record). His individual results even placed him number one on the overall male ranking of these championships.

A special mention to team member Doug Sitter of the Freedive Toronto Club who arrived in Hurghada diving in the forties and left two weeks later after having added 25 meters to his personal best.