3rd AIDA Individual World Championships

William Winram preparing for his upcoming 203m record-breaking dive

An unexpected bronze medal at the Indoor World Championships

Maribor, Slovenia, July 4-5, 2007

While attending the Indoor World Championships in Slovenia, William broke his own pan-American record in the discipline of dynamic during the qualifying heats, setting the record at 193 meters. While this distance guaranteed him a place in the final that would take place the next day, he knew that anything less than 200 meters would not make the podium.

This required at least a 7-meter improvement on an already excellent performance done in the heats.

“During the final heat, when I turned at 150 meters, I knew I could make at least another 50 meters” said Winram after the dive. “Unfortunately, I misjudged my turn at 200 meters and decided to come up, clean.”

The verdict: 203 meters, a new panamerican record and a bronze medal.