Triple Depth

Dive platform over the Blue Hole in Dahab - © William Winram

Triple Depth 2006

Dahab, Egypt – June 3- 5, 2006

This is Winram’s first event of the year and after last year’s promising results, he is more than determined to place well in this competition.

First day is Free Immersion (FIM). With 74 meters (243 feet), Winram not only breaks the Canadian National record by 19 meters (62 feet), he also wins first place in the event.

Constant Weight (CWT) takes place on the next day and by an unfortunate course of events, Winram’s line is not placed at the appropriate depth he had announced. Hence, he only dives to 52 meters instead of the 70 (230 feet). Because this is a technical error, he is allowed to dive a second time. But being tired and hungry he only dives to 59 meters before he decides to turn around and swim back to the surface.

The Triple Depth is an event that not only crowns freedivers in every single event, it also crowns the overall champion. So, the night before the third day, when it’s time to turn in one’s announcement for the discipline of Constant Weight without Fins, Winram knows hat he has to announce and perform 60 meters (197 feet) in order to win the competition.

On June 5, he dives to 60 meters, therefore breaking the former Canadian record by 14 meters (46 feet). This depth is also a new Pan-American record, but mostly, it garnered him enough points to win the competition overall ranking.