Coupe des Calanques

Coach Michèle congratulates William for his new Pan-American record in DYN

Coupe des Calanques 2006

Marseille, France, July 1-2, 2006

Personal bests all around for the freediving champion at the Coupe des Calanques competition.

On July 1, under the scorching Mediterranean sun, William scored a personal best in static apnea with a time of 7 minutes and 4 seconds, followed by, later that day, a new continental record in dynamic apnea with a distance of 159 meters which won him that event.

The next day, in challenging sea conditions, he dove to another personal best depth of 80 meters in the discipline of constant weight.

William left the competition not only with the second place on the podium but with a newfound love for Marseille. He will be back for sure next year !