William Winram | On Breathing, Breath-Hold Diving, and More
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On Breathing, Breath-Hold Diving, and More


September 15, 2021

Introducing Tales Beyond the Blue Screen, a collection of stories recounted by William Winram recorded during his participation to diverse radio and podcast programs as well as audio snipets from films and videos which he shares with his worldwide audience.

Tales #BeyondTheBlueScreen shine a light on William’s experiences across of a lifetime, converging his many backgrounds into the ancient art form he practices today: breath-hold diving.

A guest of Ben Fanelli’s podcast Heroic Minds on November 3, 2019, William weaves his stories of the breath as it relates to ocean exploration and record breaking freediving, and takes you on his journey as a waterman which started before he could walk, holding his breath while holding onto his father’s neck.

This is what Ben Fanelli had to say after his time shared with William Winram while recording the podcast:

“Talking with William was an adventure that I didn’t want to come to an end. One moment he had me laughing the next moment he was teaching me how to improve my breathing to limit mistakes… the next moment he is telling me what to do if I ever come face to face with a shark. William made a massive impact on myself and my listeners. To be honest I think we only scratched the surface of what he has to offer. I will be back to learn more!”

//The Heroic Minds Podcast dives into the minds of heroes that ventured through adversity and came out the other side transformed into something greater. Entrepreneurs on a mission to change the world. Athletes and performers with incredible abilities for higher execution. Individuals making social change because they’re unsatisfied with the status quo. Doctors, pushing the boundaries of knowledge to push the needle on human potential. People that made the decision to be the hero of their story. Join Host Ben Fanelli, Brain Injury Survivor and social entrepreneur that changed his passion from chasing the National Hockey League to learning and sharing the intricacies of human performance with the world.//

TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST, click on the image below:

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