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  • The Incredible Kick

    ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Please do not try this without proper training and a professionally trained safety team ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Watch William Winram swimming up from the depths using only his legs, carrying 22 pounds (10 kilos) of weight in his hands… that means he can’t use his arms,......

  • The Journey is the Measure of Success – part 3

    Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt | December 12, 2023 When I left Egypt a year ago, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. I had invested considerable time, energy and money and picked up a virus a few days before the start of the world record attempts, thus......

  • How To Hack Your Fear & To Do It Anyway

    #BeyondTheBlueScreen February 5, 2023 In another #BeyondTheBlueScreen episode, this podcast was recorded in December 2021 a few weeks after William broke two new world records. William was a guest on the Performance Hackers podcast, hosted by Scott Radford, a world-leading Certified High-Performance Coach, Podcast Host,......

  • The Journey is the Measure of Success – part 2

      Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt | December 22, 2022 After last year’s world records I left Egypt with renewed motivation and hit the off season training full on so that I could return stronger and fitter towards my ultimate goals. I also continued to work on......

  • Immersion without a Wetsuit

    From September 24 until November 20, 2022 Komodo: Paradise Under Pressure will be playing in the immersive venue Syllepse at the Jardin des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. Shown for the first time without VR goggles, this will allow for a shared immersive experience of the......

  • Komodo – A Paradise Under Pressure

    Komodo: Paradise Under Pressure In 2017, together with a team of scientists, divers and filmmakers, the Watermen Project team embarked on a quest to study Indonesia’s iconic manta rays and Komodo dragons, and how plastic pollution is threatening their survival. Their underwater skills allowed them......

  • The Journey is the Measure of Success

      October 21 & 25, 2021 Much like in Luc Besson’s movie Le Grand Bleu, William Winram dove in the Red Sea using a weighted sled. But unlike the movie, he swam back to the surface on his own propulsive power with a pair of......

  • Freediving with Great White Sharks

    #BeyondTheBlueScreen October 5, 2021 In another #BeyondTheBlueScreen episode, this is part two of a two-part podcast which was recorded in March 2020 at the very beginning of worldwide lockdown. William was a guest on the Unbeatable Mind podcast, hosted by Retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark......

  • On Martial Arts & Freediving

    #BeyondTheBlueScreen September 27, 2021 In another #BeyondTheBlueScreen episode, this is part one of a two-part podcast which was recorded in March 2020 at the very beginning of worldwide lockdown. William was a guest on the Unbeatable Mind podcast, hosted by Retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark......

  • On Breathing, Breath-Hold Diving, and More

    #BeyondTheBlueScreen September 15, 2021 Introducing Tales Beyond the Blue Screen, a collection of stories recounted by William Winram recorded during his participation to diverse radio and podcast programs as well as audio snipets from films and videos which he shares with his worldwide audience. Tales......

  • The 2013 World Record with 18 Million Views

     A Tremendous Personal Journey Sharm el Sheikh – September 3, 2013 At around 3pm today, William Winram achieved a 145-meter dive in the discipline of Variable Weight (VWT) in the sport of breath-hold diving. Winram dove to the depth of 476 feet aided by......

  • Fellow of the Explorers Club

    Fellow of the Explorers Club March 10, 2018 William Winram attended his first annual event as a Fellow of The Explorers Club during the TEC’s 114th Annual Dinner in New York City. Q: This is pretty exciting news, how did this come about? A: Back......

  • Tales of the Ocean

    The Power of Storytelling Back in my high school biology class, one of our terms was focused on marine biology. The test scores for our class typically ranged between 50-88 per cent, not bad, but also not extraordinary. One day I arrived to class to......

  • Making an Epic Video

    Epic footage makes waves On June 4, 2017, we published a one-minute video on Facebook and Instagram. It was an edit from footage filmed a few years prior, showing a large female great white shark and a human lucky enough to be diving along side......

  • 10-year anniversary of a historic dive

    A Pivotal Moment On June 1, 2007, ten years ago today, I achieved one of the biggest athletic challenges of my life… That day I became the first man to swim through the famous Blue Hole’s Arch in Egypt, on a single breath of air,......


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