William Winram | Immersion without a Wetsuit
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Immersion without a Wetsuit

From September 24 until November 20, 2022 Komodo: Paradise Under Pressure will be playing in the immersive venue Syllepse at the Jardin des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

Shown for the first time without VR goggles, this will allow for a shared immersive experience of the film. The audience will get up close and personal with larger than life majestic reef manta rays and impressive Komodo dragons, iconic species of the Komodo Archipelago in Indonesia.

More information about the film here: https://williamwinram.com/index.php/2021/11/22/komodo-a-paradise-under-pressure/

Tickets and schedule: https://www.jardin-des-nations.ch/en/evenement/komodo-2/

Syllepse is an immersive venue shaped like a cylinder. It is located at the Jardin des Nations, a transitional urbanism concept developed by Steiner Invest.

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