William Winram | News
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  • 145 meters Variable Weight World Record

    A Tremendous Personal Journey Sharm el Sheikh – September 3, 2013 At around 3pm today, William Winram achieved a 145-meter dive in the discipline of Variable Weight (VWT) in the sport of breath-hold diving. Winram dove to the depth of 476 feet aided by a......

  • Fellow of the Explorers Club

    Fellow of the Explorers Club March 10, 2018 William Winram attended his first annual event as a Fellow of The Explorers Club during the TEC’s 114th Annual Dinner in New York City. Q: This is pretty exciting news, how did this come about? A: Back......

  • Tales of the Ocean

    The Power of Storytelling Back in my high school biology class, one of our terms was focused on marine biology. The test scores for our class typically ranged between 50-88 per cent, not bad, but also not extraordinary. One day I arrived to class to......

  • Making an Epic Video

    Epic footage makes waves On June 4, 2017, we published a one-minute video on Facebook and Instagram. It was an edit from footage filmed a few years prior, showing a large female great white shark and a human lucky enough to be diving along side......


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